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Rhonda Susan LueckRhonda Susan LueckRhonda Susan Lueck


Review of Walking Blues


I purchased the painting “Walking Blues” in late Feb 2018 after seeing it at www.rslpaintings.com It hangs in my home, slightly apart from my other paintings in a place where I can see it from where I like to read and/or meditate.

As a musician the symbolism in this painting speaks volumes to me. The musician in the painting walks alone on his path. The terrain is constantly changing. There is no visible end to his path. There is sunshine and blue sky his future but there are also mountains to cross. He could leave the path to settle under a shade tree and appreciate the greenery but he doesn’t even consider it. His gaze is fixed on the path. He has come to play.

The actual size of the painting is 24”x36”. I particularly appreciate how Rhonda has made use of the depth of oil paint to create perspective for the changing terrain along the path. The paint is considerably more 3 dimensional in the lower (closer) section than in the areas further away. This is particularly striking when you see the painting in person.

I am grateful to have found this painting before it was purchased by someone else. It has taken on an iconic meaning for me. I look at it every day and the imagery speaks as loudly to me today as it did the first day I saw it. I have included the image in several areas of my web site www.gordonaeichele.com

I first knew and came to appreciate Rhonda Lueck as a photographer. I find that in either medium she has a special eye for humanity and for dramatic beauty. It’s well worth checking out her site.


Gordon Aeichele, Toronto, ON

Review of Into Eternity

This fantastic original now hangs above my fireplace , once again thank you Rhonda for beautiful artwork . 

Karen Green Gilliland, Stoney Creek, ON

Review of Commission Painting "Gilbert"

I recently asked Rhonda to paint a picture of my cat Gilbert. As I am very close to him and he has been my rock thru the ups & downs so I personally thought "why the heck not!"  She had mentioned to me she had never done a cat photo, but I had complete faith in her & also from viewing all her other previous paintings that she would do the best to her ability to perform what I wanted. We worked together and she made sure I was happy with every step of the way. If I had any input (which wasn't much because she did a fabulous job!) she took it well and worked amazing with me to make sure I was completely satisfied with the painting overall.  Im so pleased & so thankful words will never describe ! I will cherish it for years to come.

Samantha St Jean, Mississauga, ON

Review of Blues Lady of the Night & Winter Beats. 

 I am absolutely thrilled to have two prints of two of Rhonda Lueck's original paintings that are proudly displayed in my home. Her interpretation of various themes and intuitive use of colour and movement are amazing. 

Donna Panchezak, Hamilton ON

Review of Harp Player

I was honored to appear in one of Rhonda's musician series paintings. The way she makes colors pop and her attention to detail brings her paintings alive and making them larger than life! You can literally feel the power of the music jumping out of the canvas. I feel like I've been embedded in musical art history!   

Thank you so much Rhonda.   

Corey Lueck  The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

Review of St. Anns Harbour Print

I purchased Rhonda's St. Ann's Harbor print and it is absolutely stunning. It's like your actually standing in that spot watching the sunset over the water. It's beautifully and sensitively painted and the colors are true to life.

Morag Taylor, Toronto ON

Review of Commission Painting "Mindy

I received this photorealism art of my baby girl Mindy Thank You Rhonda for the excellent job It is everything I expected and more If anyone wants a painting done I recommend Rhonda She is fantastic ❤❤❤❤❤

Donna Helle Mackeigan, Cape Breton, NS

Review of Autumn Notes

 I purchased Autumn Notes. I just adore this painting. It completes the look of my living room. Rhonda was so friendly and helpful in the purchase of the painting. I would definitely buy more of her work. 

Jennifer Lynn, Hamilton ON

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