Rhonda Susan Lueck

Rhonda Susan Lueck

Rhonda Susan LueckRhonda Susan LueckRhonda Susan Lueck


Into Eternity SOLD


This was an abstract painting I did from a vision I had based on emotions. 

Moonlight Serenade Framed


I love the dark appeal in this one; it's almost soothing and peaceful. This is an original piece size 14x18 framed in a old antique door painted off white. 

Original Available

Delivery only - contact me if interested.

Prints available

"The Monster Within"


An original abstract done with palette knife using a variety of colors to catch your eye - what do you see? 

This is 24x24 on wrapped canvas. 

Original for Sale

Storm Mood


This was painted using palette knife to represent hormonal changes while going through perimenopause.

Original is Available (This has been varnished)

It's size 12x24 on wrapped canvas. 



First attempt at flowers based on self image in the sense that flowers are beautiful but not every part of them are perfect; but each part is needed to make up the essence of beauty. 

Original is available

This is size 20x24x1 inch on wrapped canvas. 

Coming Soon

Musical Abstracts

Autumn Notes


This abstract was painted using palette knife to bring to life the love of music using the Guitar!

The original is SOLD

Prints are available upon request. 

Winter Beats


This abstract was painted using a palette knife and some brush work to create a "drum solo" with the illusion that the music is coming to life.

The original is  30x40x1 on wrapped canvas.

Prints are available upon request. 

Tell me what you'd like to see

musical notes?

More music?